Exactly about Wife on the market : dark part of my partner

Exactly about Wife on the market : dark part of my partner

A farmer, went into Carlisle with his wife and announced his intention to sell her by auction in April 1832, Joseph Thomson.

Mrs Thomson ended up being seated in a big oak seat, with a rope or halter around her throat, and also as a sizable audience collected, he made the following speech:

“Gentlemen, i must provide to your notice my spouse, Mary Anne Thomson, otherwise Williams, who after all to offer to the highest and fairest bidder. Men, it really is her wish along with mine to component permanently. She’s got gone to me personally just a created serpent. We took her for my comfort, while the good of my home; but she became my tormentor, a domestic curse, per night intrusion, and a devil that is daily. Men, I talk truth from my heart whenever I say — may Jesus deliver us from problematic wives and women that are frolicsome!

“Avoid them while you would a mad dog, a roaring lion, a loaded pistol, cholera morbus, Mount Etna, or other pestilential part of nature.

“Now I have shewn you the dark part of my spouse, and said her faults and failings, i shall introduce the bright and sunny part of her, and explain her skills and goodness. She can read novels and milk cows; she will laugh and weep because of the ease that is same you can simply just take one cup of ale when thirsty. Okumaya devam et “Exactly about Wife on the market : dark part of my partner”