Ajax and Pickering Propose Projects for Ontario’s C3 Zone Casino License

Ajax and Pickering Propose Projects for Ontario’s C3 Zone Casino License

Following a latest Ontario gambling laws, under which a given area could only feature one casino that is full-scale the towns of Pickering and Ajax would be the two contending prospects for hosting the C3 zone gaming center.

Early in 2015, the Pickering City Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the construction of a entertainment center that will feature a casino that is large other activities. Durham Live Entertainment Center was envisioned as a entertainment that is 220-acre offering a quantity of attracting choices, with casino gambling being among those.

The master plan ended up being also supported by the majority of Pickering residents. If fundamentally built, the center is expected to annually contribute the quantity of $50 million in municipal income tax revenue. In addition to this, developer Developments that is pickering Inc approximated that up to 12,000 brand new direct jobs is going to be created.

As mentioned above, Pickering just isn’t truly the only town in the region that is thinking about hosting a full-fledged casino. Owners of the existing Ajax Downs horse rushing track that also features 800 slot machines have proposed a plan for the place’s expansion through the addition of 1,600 more slots and 200 table games.

Nevertheless, if the Durham Live project is approved, Ajax Downs will never be able to expand into a larger gambling location and will need to stop slots that are offering. […]